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Quzhou University (QZU) is an application-oriented institution of full-time higher education. While comprehensive in scope, QZU maintains a strong emphasis on engineering disciplines. Founded in 1985, QZU was formerly known as the West Branch of the Zhejiang College of Technology. In March of 2010, with the approval of the Ministry of Education (MOE), it was renamed Quzhou University. In 2014, QZU was authorized as a bachelor’s degree awarding institution. In 2013, it was approved as a university of National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program for College Students. In 2014, QZU was authorized as a bachelor’s degree awarding institution. In 2015, QZU was approved to be one of the pilot and demonstration universities for the construction of application-oriented universities in Zhejiang Province. In 2018, QZU passed the undergraduate teaching qualification assessment of the MOE, and was listed as a pilot institution for the new round of Quality Assessment of Undergraduate Education in 2021. The past decades of years also witnessed honors and awards including Provincial Mass Entrepreneurship Innovation Demonstration Base of Zhejiang, Provincial Model University for Talent Management, Role Model in Ethical and Cultural Progress of Zhejiang Province, Excellent Higher Education Institution for Undergraduate Employment, Provincial Model University for Safe Campus, Excellent Institution for National Sports Undertaking, and National Pilot Training Institution of Weiqi Teachers.

Located in Quzhou, a national historical and cultural city known as the Home of Southern Confucianism, QZU covers an area of 57.5 hectares. It is comprised of 7 colleges, i.e., College of Chemistry and Material Engineering, College of Mechanical Engineering, College of Civil Engineering and Architecture, College of Electrical and Information Engineering, College of Business, College of Teacher Education, and College of Foreign Languages and International Education. At present, QZU has 7,779 full-time students on campus. QZU now offers 28 undergraduate programs, covering 7 disciplines including Engineering, Education, Management, Economics, Literature, Science, and Art. It has 1 national first-class undergraduate program, 2 national first-class undergraduate courses, 4 provincial first-class disciplines, 9 provincial first-class undergraduate programs, 6 provincial featured undergraduate programs, 76 provincial first-class undergraduate courses, and 1 pilot cultivation program of integrated secondary vocational and undergraduate education. With an overall floorage of 238,200 square meters, QZU has a total asset of 204 million yuan in educational and scientific equipment, and more than 1.03 million books in its library. QZU also has a university affiliated education group with 4 campuses.


Following guidelines of application orientation, local characteristics, and open-mindedness in recent years, QZU is committed to achieve connotative development of high-quality and distinctive features, and evolve itself into a high-level application-oriented university with its own characteristics.


QZU strongly believes that its strength lies with staff, and has made great progress in developing and acquiring top level teaching and administrative talents. It currently has a faculty and staff of 687 individuals(including 5 distinguished professors), of which 502 are full-time educators (including distinguished professors and counselors). Among them there are 62 professors, 161 associate professors, and 167 teachers holding a Ph.D. degree. QZU has introduced, through flexible introduction projects, 1 group of Academy members and 2 talents of the National Talent Introduction Program. QZU has enlisted 1 recipient of the MOE’s Program for New Century Excellent Talents, 1 expert enjoying a special subsidy from the State Council, 2 talents of the provincial Talent Introduction Plan, 22 recipients of the second and third tier Zhejiang “151 Talents Project”, 8 talents supported by the MOE’s Cultivation Program for Leading Talents in Universities, 1 recipient of the Zhejiang “Zhijiang Young Social Science Scholars Action Plan”, 2 recipients of the provincial Cultivation Program of Young Scientists, 11 recipients of the provincial program of Young and Middle-aged Discipline Leaders in Colleges and Universities, 1 recipient of Zhejiang’s Excellent Teachers in Colleges and Universities, 1 recipient of Zhejiang’s Excellent Scientists and Technologists, 1 recipient of Zhejiang’s Excellent Agricultural Scientists and Technologists, 1 talent sponsored by the Type D Project of the Zhejiang “Qianjiang Scholars” Plan, and 8 recipients of the municipal Top Talents Program(including 2 recipients of the municipal Young Top Talents Program), 226 recipients of Talent Project (Plan) of or above the municipal level, 4 key innovation teams of the municipal level and a total of 287 teachers with multiple professional qualifications.

大力推进人才兴校,师资队伍力量不断壮大。现有教职员工687人(含特聘教授5人),专任教师502人(含特聘教授、辅导员),其中正高级职称教师62人、副高级职称教师161人,具有博士学位教师167人。柔性引进院士团队1个、国家“引才计划”人才2人。拥有教育部“新世纪优秀人才支持计划”人才1人,享受国务院政府特殊津贴人员1人,省“引才计划”人才2人,省“151人才工程”第二、三层次人选22人次,省高校领军人才培养计划 8人,省“之江青年社科学者行动计划”人选1人,省“青年科学家培养计划”人选2人,省高校中青年学科带头人11人,省高校优秀教师1人,省优秀科技工作者1人,省农业科技先进工作者1人,省“钱江人才计划”D类项目择优资助人员1人 ,市拔尖人才8人(含青年2人),市级以上各类“人才工程(计划)”226人次,市级重点创新团队4个,“双师双能”型教师287人。

QZU has vigorously promoted the cultivation of talents and is improving the quality of its morality education programs. The recent years witnessed a five-year consecutive rise in the admission rate in masters programs, with the Class of 2021 reaching 22.5%. QZU students have achieved remarkable results in academic competitions. They have won more than 3,100 awards at or above third prize in provincial academic competitions, among which over 380 awards were national third prizes or above. QZU ranked No. 38 in the National Ranking of 2016-2020 College Student Competition for New 4-Year Colleges and Universities. QZU has made steady progress in advocating innovation and entrepreneurship, and has been approved as a provincial Model Base of Entrepreneurship and Incubation for College Students, Model College of Entrepreneurship of Colleges and Universities in Zhejiang Province, and Makerspace of the provincial level. It has incubated altogether 48 projects of entrepreneurship successfully. QZU graduates have enjoyed a high employment rate and the average annual employment rate of the graduates in the past five years exceeds 95%. QZU ranked 374th in terms of the quality of graduates in the 2021 Wushulian Chinese University Ranking. QZU actively promotes international education. At present, QZU has established collaborative partnership with colleges and universities throughout the world including the United States, Ukraine, the U.K., Germany, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia and Japan to name a few. QZU encourages exchange and cooperation with international and cross-strait partners to explore the system and mechanism of establishing Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run school in the form of university-enterprise cooperation. QZU cooperated with a local enterprise to launch the project of its first class of international students from South Africa. “Nankong Culture” (Southern Confucianism) has been awarded as one of the Iconic Brands of University Culture in Zhejiang Province. So far QZU has won a total of 8 prizes at the Zhejiang Provincial Higher Education Teaching Achievements Award, and about 90 prizes at programs including the provincial level “Five Measures” Program of Integration of Enterprises with Vocational Schools and Universities, Provincial Teaching Reform Project, “Internet+Education” Demonstration Class and the MOE’s Education Projects of Industy-University Collaboration to name a few.


QZU has experienced ever improving quality in the field of scientific research due to its sustained focus in promoting discipline construction. 4 QZU disciplines have been listed as among the top disciplines in the 13th Five-year Plan of Zhejiang, QZU also has on-site 1 Provincial Key Laboratory, 1 Provincial Engineering Research Center, 1 National Innovation Alliance for Forestry and Grassland, 4 Provincial Major Service Platforms of Technological Innovation and 3 Provincial Industrial Innovation Service Complexes. QZU has conducted more than 220 scientific research projects at either the provincial or national level and made made continuous breakthrough in winning prizes in the Zhejiang Provincial Award for Scientific and Technological Progress, Provincial Award of Natural Science and Provincial Award of Outstanding Achievement in Philosophy and Social Sciences. QZU’s decision-making consultation reports have gained the approval of the main leaders of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government and the CPPCC Zhejiang Provincial Committee. In 2020, QZU got research funds more than 70,000 yuan per teacher. At present, QZU is cooperating with Zhejiang University of Technology, Zhejiang Normal University, Hangzhou Dianzi University, Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, Anhui Engineering University, and other institutions of higher education to carry out joint cultivation of postgraduate students.



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